2017  Oak City Speed LLC


  • Chain and Sprocket Service:
    Description: Replace counter shaft and inspect counter shaft steel; replace rear wheel sprocket; cut and install chain; inspect/lube rear wheel bearings; inspect rear brakes; set proper chain adjustment; set tire pressure; test ride

  • Fork and Shock Service/Leaking Seals:
    Description for Fork Service/Seal Replacement: Disassemble and clean all fork components; inspect bushings/replace as needed; replace fork seals; new fork oil; set oil level/adjusters; reinstall; test ride
    Description for Rear Off Road Shock Rebuild: Disassemble, clean and inspect all shock components; replace shock seal; replace piston bushing; replace bladder as needed; refill/bleed with recommended shock oil; nitrogen charge to recommended pressure; reinstall; test ride

  • Complete Tune and Service: 
    Description: Replace oil and filter; check/replace – air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, rear end oil (if applicable), coolant, brake and clutch fluids; set tire pressure; clean/lube/adjust drive chain; lube/adjust all pivot points and cables; load test battery and check charging system; carburetor/throttle body sync; check all lights and signals; test ride

  • Brake System Service and Pad/Shoe Replacement:
    Description: Replace brake pads; flush and bleed hydro system; test ride

  • Tire Mounting : 
    Description: Remove and replace tire; inspect/replace valve stem (cost of stem additional); inspect brakes, wheel bearings, fork seals and hardware; lube axle; set correct tire pressure; lube and adjust chain; test ride

  • Safety and Reliability Inspection: 
    Description: 22 point quality control checklist; make recommendations; clean/lube/adjust drive chain; set tire pressures/check valve stems; check oil level/drain bolt; adjust clutch cable; test ride

  • Oil and Filter Change:
    Description: Replace oil filter; replace oil drain washer; drain/refill/set oil level

  • Carburetor/Fuel Injection Cleaning, Service and Repair:
    Description for Carburetor Overhaul: Remove carburetors/completely disassemble; carburetor bodies in cleaning agitator/all jets and passageways cleaned; check/replace float needles and seats, air cutoff valves, float bowl gaskets and o-rings, diaphragms/accelerator pumps; reassemble; set fuel level, mixture settings; synchronize; pressure test; reinstall; final tuning on running engine; flush fuel tank/lines; new fuel filters; test petcock/fuel shutoff; test ride; make recommendations

  • Fuel Injection Clean/Service and Repair with Pump Service:
    Description: Fuel injection service/cleaning/repair; remove injectors, throttle body, fuel rail and fuel pump; drain/flush fuel tank and fuel lines; disassemble/clean fuel pump; replace screen and filter; clean/check mechanical operations of throttle bodies; clean pressure injectors; check/test all electrical FI wiring and signals; flush fuel rail; reassemble; throttle body synchronization; EGA; idle set; test ride